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    florida web design, responsive web design
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florida web design
Responsive Web Design

Do you have mobile visitors?

Have you heard of Responsive web design? If not, you will.
Designing a website in the past was easy because you only had to design it for one device, the desktop computer. Today, with the great advancement of new technologies and devices, web designing has become tougher as compared to the past. Companies that see significant mobile traffic used to opt to develop a web application or mobile version of their website. This would increase website development cost and maintenance cost as you needed to manage 2 websites.

Responsive web design solves this problem. Responsive Web Design is an effective way to use the benefits of every pixel of useful display real estate without switching to a separate mobile website.

For instance, if you pick up the area of your browser and gradually reduce the size of your display, you will see our website accommodating the new dimensions because it was made on a responsive structure that adds and erases content as required. If you visit our website on a cell phone or tablet, our website will select the best structure possible for your device. This is very effective because it makes for a better user experience, no panning is required to study the content, or get around the web pages. Plus, maintenance is reduced to 1 website instead of 2 if you had a separate mobile site.
A study by Compuware has found that almost 57% of users will never recommend a company with a bad website.
As many as 85% of all American adults have cell phones and 45% of them have smartphones
Responsive website, responsive web designers, mobile websites, responsive website template
Responsive website, responsive web designers, mobile websites, responsive website template
Responsive website, responsive web designers, mobile websites, responsive website template
Benefits of responsive web design
  • Saves money by not requiring you to manage 2 websites if you had a mobile version of your website.
  • higher conversion rate as a result of a better mobile user experience
  • Saves time
  • SEO & PPC benefits: Google's help page recommends a responsive web design above other approaches
  • A better user experience
  • Your site will be up to date with the latest technology. Responsive web design will be the standard for websites and will be all over the Internet. It’s already started.
  • Less stress knowing your site accommodates all types of devices
  • Compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome Safari and Opera
  • W3C valid HTML5 / CSS3 code
Great websites start with a great user experience
Your website is not for you; it’s for your visitors. That’s what we take in to consideration first when designing your website.
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